10 Tips For Living a Zero-Waste Lifestyle

As a sustainable brand with a mission to inspire a plastic-free lifestyle, we felt it's important to share some essential tips for Zero Waste Living!


zero waste products


1. Challenge yourselves to #StopSucking and prevent single-use plastic straws at all costs. While ordering your drink, always remember to request - no straw! It's easy, just like remembering to ask for a sugar-free latte ;)


  1. Since we too love drinking ice coffee and smoothies with a straw, we recommend pulling out a TULZ gold metal straw. Doing so will result in a gorgeous zero waste statement. We promise you will enjoy the feel, texture, and overall sensation!


Reusable straw


3. Reduce Your Fork print! Choose to dine in at restaurants/cafes/taverns that are sustainable and minimize your food order deliveries. We get it, sometimes we just want to be lazy and stay in. So, if you do end up ordering food, make sure to ask your delivery to be sent without plastic utensils! Wolt is a great food delivery app that now offers plastic-free cutlery.


helathy food


  1. After eating out, avoid throwing plastic containers and start reusing them by storing your food in them!
  1. Start using glass jars (preferably reuse old ones) to store your food. By the way, it also gives your food a better taste than storing it in plastic containers.

zero waste living


6. Buy in bulk and buy local. Avoid over-ordering on Amazon, as they almost always use plastic packaging. Try the Real Plastic Free shop for your online shopping!

7. Your local Farmers Market is the best way of doing plastic-free shopping. You can also track Farmers Market on Google maps!

8. Gift your friends with TULZ and help guide them to an eco-friendly life. Use plants for decoration, raffia string and reused paper for wrapping. Banana leaves are a great solution as well.


    eco gift wrapping
    1. BOY (Bring Your Own) is the name of the game. Always remember to take your keys, wallet, reusable water bottle (My Equa offer great designs). Replace glass jars with single-use coffee cups and your TULZ!

    reusable water bottle

    1. Commitment is key. Choose to refuse plastic use!

      Always remember to reduce your fork print!

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