6 Ways to Celebrate a More Eco-Friendly Halloween

Switching the orange & black to green; Let’s turn your Halloween party less harmful for the planet. 

Halloween holds by far the most expectations across different cultures around the world no matter if you live in the US or not. Things we all do during Halloween season include preparing epic scary costumes, purchasing entire candy shops, and spending time watching old scary movies to cheer up our spirits.

Unfortunately, standard celebrations do not involve a sustainable lifestyle. We could say pumpkins are the most eco and biodegradable element a Halloween party can have, but what about the hundreds of disposable, single-serving, and synthetic materials being used? Eventually, the amount of waste could be a whole lot scarier than a ghost itself.

If you read on, you’ll discover 6 tips to make your Halloween party environmentally friendly. Trick or treat?

zero waste halloween

Here are our 6 tips to green your Halloween :

  1. Costumes: You can wear a terrific costume without buying a new one each year while being sustainable: 
  • DIY. Have fun diy-ing your own costume. Get some inspiration from your own old clothes and closet: your old prom dress can be turned into a perfect and scary costume
  • Reuse. Recycle costumes from past years into new ones by mixing and matching pieces. Accessories and makeup will make the difference! 
  • Swap. Share or exchange costumes with your friends, family and older/younger sisters and brothers. It can even turn into a fun activity!
  • Go vintage. Thrift shops, yards sales, and flea markets will be your best friends instead of retails.  
  1. Accessories: Choose makeup and body paint instead of plastic accessories that most surely will end up in a bin. We love this amazing biodegradable glitters by eco stardust.

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  1. Decoration: Try to make your own stuff instead of buying it. Some ideas to go green with your decoration include: 
    1. Choose natural materials, such as pumpkins or leaves from the ground for example. They are biodegradables and can be composted. 
    2. Repurpose newspapers, magazines and old papers to customize them into Halloween looking decorations.
    3. Avoid single-use plastic materials and instead choose products that can be reused like reusable straws, cutler, and glasses. 

 zero waste halloween

  1. Candies. Some eco-friendly ideas for plastic & sugar-free candies: 
    1. Make your own candies at home. It’s easy and fun! Or instead, buy fair-trade candies. 
    2. Buy candies in bulk and skip individually wrapped. if you do end up buying warped candies, choose those with recyclable packaging. 
    3. Choose candies with natural ingredients such as dried fruit. 

eco halloween

  1. Bags & Buckets. Use your household items to collect candy in! You can use old bags and tote bags, handbags, buckets, and even pillowcases. 

zero waste halloween

      6. Pumpkins. Purchase locally grown pumpkins and remember to compost them after Halloween ghosts are gone. Save the seeds to roast them (they taste delicious with a little coconut oil) and use the pumpkin itself to cook cakes, creams, and other recipes like these yummy ones. 

eco halloween

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