Coastal Clean Up for Pachamama

“18 billion pounds of plastic ends up in the ocean each year.
And stays there” 
I really hope his jaw-dropping head caption from National Geographic spreads fast. We, as a collective human race, should ALL open our eyes and stop blaming others for what is happening to our planet.
Having witnessed #CoastalCleanUp day last week, it got me thinking even more about the incesant need Earth has for us to give her a breather.
It’s ironic that we have to plan these movements and volunteer to pick up massive amounts of debris laying on the coasts (mostly plastic, of course) affecting entire ecosystems, that initially got there because we, the human race, put it there. Clean up “day” should happen every day, and even going one step ahead, the movement should be more like #PlasticFree lifestyles becoming popular among us eradicating the use-and-toss mentality we have grown so fond of.
Small changes can have huge effects. Being selective about the choices we make when we purchase an item comes with huge responsibility. Some green alternatives ideas to reduce single-use item consumerism can be as simple as:
  • Buy a water filter at home (please people, disposable plastic water bottles are our planets worst nightmare and a very selfish and unnecesary habit)
  • Buy tea in NON-plastic sachets
  • Compost food waste
  • Buy in bulk (it’s cheaper too!)
  • Bring your own utensils when eating out (I personally love, a stylish modern solution to go green)
  • Buy soap in bars
  • Go grocery shopping with your reusable bags
  • Order ice cream in a cone
This list could go on and on, but it’s about each and every one of us finding innovative ideas to reduce our trash production in some way (as insignificant as it may seem).
It’s as simple as pausing before you dive in to make a decision or give in to buy something. That “pause” will help you make smarter choices and better coexist with every other living organism in the planet.
Let’s aim for clean coasts as a collective.

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