Green Friday: the Sustainable Alternative to Black Friday

green friday

The Planet-Friendly Initiative to Convert Black Friday Into a Green Movement

At this point, who doesn’t know what Black Friday is? Black Friday has turned out to be one of the busiest shopping weekends of the years, due to aggressive and heavy discounts offered by every brand. However, the truth may be that Black Friday is an excuse to consume and buy things we don’t need and we don’t even want. While purchases increase, waste follows along and consequently does too the damage to our environment.


green friday 

Be Part of the Movement. What is Green Friday about?

Green Friday has been gaining popularity in the past years, responding to the uncontrolled and harmful consumerism that was coming along with Black Friday. In fact, Green Friday is a real thing and a momentum for lots of people.

Green Friday came about as an alternative to the compulsive buying tendency created by Black Friday. This initiative has been led by worldwide known NGO’s such as WWF but also by smaller environmental groups and small brands. Green Friday is about being responsible, green and ethical when it comes to purchasing

How to Make More Sustainable Purchase Choices?

Let’s be clear here, the best way of turning sustainability on Black Friday is to completely skip the purchase. However, we understand the natural instinct of wanting to take advantage of discounts for things we actually need, that is completely fine, just don’t let yourself get carried away by the excitement ;)

 Find 10 tips to do join green friday. 

  1. Choose local and small brands, rather than large outlets and big brands.
  2. Only buy from those brands that offer products that respect people and the planet.  
  3. Shop vintage and have fun exchanging clothes and things you don’t need with your friends.
  4. Go plastic-free throughout the entire day, whenever you can. 
  5. Look for those cruelty-free and vegan options. 
  6. Support a circular economy.
  7. Reuse products you might have around. 
  8. Refuse to buy single-use products, such as plastic straws. Look for metal or and lasting option instead (1) 
  9. Donate and give back to NGO’s supporting the environment and local communities.
  10.  And last but not least, think twice before you go buy something you may not even need. 

green friday

At Tulz To Reduce we believe that a more ethical way of consumption and living is possible, based on real needs, honest choices, and making thoughtful purchases.

Will you join us and be part of the change? Let’s celebrate Green Friday together, starting today and lasting forever ;) To celebrate green Friday, the holiday season, and to help you reduce your forkprint- Our Reusable kit is now on SALE! 

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