Interesting sustainable initiatives around the world. 

For the week of climate strike, we thought the best way to inspire for change, is by introducing different interesting sustainable initiatives around the world. 

plastic free

We’ve all felt the sadness in our hearts for those that bear the highest toll of the last 150+ years of unsustainable living. However, unless we take a real look at how much we are personally responsible in our everyday lives and how much we contribute to this problem, it will remain someones else’s responsibility and a consequence for all. 

There is much to be said about the positive changes towards a better future in recent decades. Our collective conscience is catapulting sustainability efforts all around the world. The idea of a sustainable lifestyle has hit the masses and has gone mainstream. We see now that zero waste living is possible and necessary.

zero waste

 As consumers in the American market, we hold immense power in our wallets. Buying eco-friendly gifts and supporting companies that focus on ocean-friendly and plastic-free products is a small step we can take to do our part. Something as simple as zero wast cutlery has the potential to save millions of tons of plastic from going into the ocean every year. 




Two of our most admirable human traits include our ability to adapt and innovate. Here are some great examples of our ability to rally as citizens of this world for an essential and uniting cause:

Coconuts Pallets to save trees: Every year 1.7 billion pallets are used to ship goods that's over 170 million trees. CocoPallets is a company that uses coconut husks to make pallets 100% biodegradable, reducing not only the number of trees cut down but also reducing the waste of coconuts and coconut husks that get burned each year creating bio-hazards. These pallets also reduce the cost and the carbon footprint of transportation. 

Organic Burial Pods: The Capsule Mundi Project is a project in the works to create biodegradable pods that turns a person remains into nutrients for tree growing directly above it. Created by former Italian designers Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel, this is still a concept since it is against Italian law to bury someone in this manner. Once this is implemented, however, we can create a cemetery full of trees instead of tombstones. Instead of a cometary, these parks would be referred to as “memory forests”

Every Student in the Philippines to Plant Trees: A new proposed law would make it required that every student plant a tree in order to graduate. It is estimated that one generation could plant over 525 Billion trees. The Philippines is one of the areas most affected by deforestation due to illegal logging. This is an average of 175 million years planted per year.

The Green Vic “Worlds Most Ethical Bar”: Originally created as a pop up this bar in London uses left over bred to brew beer, employs the homeless, people with disabilities and ex-cons. Uses zero waste straws made from gluten-free wheat. Uses soap that is made by blind people and they used recycled tissue that helps build toilets in developing countries. 60-80% of profits go to charity which sponsor local projects and food banks, and clean water projects in Africa.  

the green vic

Aquadrone WasteShark: This drone collects trash from the marinas, rivers and canals in Dubai before they reach the ocean. Swimming at 10kph, it can collect up to 350kg of debris in an underwater cage. The trash is then sorted to be recycled. WasteShark is also zero carbon





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