Tips for mindful eating; The benefits of eating with a small fork.  

zero waste

There are tons (if not millions) of rituals people use in an attempt to consume less food, some of those are eating crispy foods, painting the walls of the kitchen with a specific color, drinking a glass of water before eating, listening to soft music, and so on.

Mindful eating though is really just about eating with attention and intention. It’s about adopting a more sustainable lifestyle that enables you to be healthier for yourself and for the environment. 

 The amount of food that people consume is based on at least two factors: the size of the cutlery and the cost of the food (whereby people tend to eat more when the food is free and they eat less when they are given a small zero-waste utensil to eat with).

zero waste 

Nowadays, there’s a lethal combo that will definitely reduce your ecological footprint and make a dramatic improvement to your digestion: zero waste lunch kits and portable cutlery, incredible plastic-free products that don’t produce any toxic runoff and, if included into your daily routine, will enable you to eat mindfully and protect not only your body, but also the planet.

On the other hand, if you are one of those people who practice living a sustainable lifestyle already or you have thoughts on starting to live one but don’t have the time to prepare a lunchbox for the day, you will need to leave a space in your bag for a small fork. 

 zero waste products

Maybe you have heard that smaller forks don´t satisfy hunger. However, it’s not about the size of the zero waste utensils, but about the size of the dish, that makes the difference. 

If you combine the use of small forks and small dishes, you will take control of your hunger by limiting your overall food consumption and thereby, avoiding overeating.

To summarize, eat anything you want and enjoy it guilt-free, but do it with attention and intention, enjoying every bite and creating a structure around it so that you never mindlessly eat.

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