When Green Living and Yoga Go Together

yoga and sustainability

Yoga as a Practice of Sustainability

We strongly believe yoga can inspire us to change our minds to practice better, conscious, peaceful, environmental habits for our society and planet. In fact, yoga is founded upon principles that promote awareness of one’s sense of connection, inborn unity, and interdependence with the environment. So when aligning your yoga practice with the environment, you are making a positive impact in the world well beyond your yoga mat.

As Michael Stone, one of the most respected yoga and meditation teachers, said: the mind, body, and breath are situated in the world and not apart from worldly life in any way."

As seen, both yoga and sustainability are about living day to day with more awareness and understanding that there is no achievable end goal.

 6 Tips to Transform Your Yoga Studio Into an Eco Place

There are lots of options to become green, it’s better to start step by step. We propose small changes that will take your yoga studio into this green temple in an easy and affordable way.


sustainability and yoga


1. Eco-materials

You can swap disposable paper towels to hand towels and skip on paper waivers and paper receipts by choosing to email or text. If possible, choose always materials such as bamboo, hemp or recycled wood for your studio furniture and/or floor. 


yoga and sustainability 

2. Eco-Infrastructures

Use a low-flow sinks and toilets, eco-friendly wall insulation for and a water filtration system so students can refill their water bottles and. 

 sempreviva yoga studio

3. Green Energy

You can swap your old lights to low-wattage LED dimmable lighting, and combine them with a light system that never fails: candles. Last but not least, install a programmable thermostat to minimize energy waste. Nest have a great program that can help you reduce energy waste and costs


4. Sustainable Yoga Brands

Encourage students to shop yoga wear when necessary (it’s about feeling comfortable, not stylish) and to choose eco and sustainable brands. Check out Girlfriend Collective lovely and ethical clothes. 

girlfriend collective 


Practice yoga on a yoga mat made of jute, cork, or all-natural rubber. Also, choose accessories such as blocks, wheels, and straps that are eco-friendly. You’ll have both blissful and non-toxic experience :) We’re in love with JungleMat, take a look at their new sustainable mats!

 jungle mats

zero waste

In fact, we’re so proud to collaborate with two of our favorite yoga studios: 

  • Semperviva . Recognized as a leading studio and international yoga teacher training college, Semperviva count on us when it comes to becoming sustainable using our zero-plastic options. 
  • One Down Dog. We’re faced by a female-owned yoga studio & inclusive community space, with 3 studios in L.A. One Down Dog is trying to make of this world a better place, and our eco-tools are part of this movement.


Are you a yoga studio owner wanting to eco-up your space but not sure how? If so, or if you want our zero waste tools at your amazing yoga studio, we’ll be so pleased to be part of your green transformation. Just reach us here!

Your studio and the planet can be beautifully aligned :)

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