We are Paola and Yarden - a team of two women who met in Los Angeles at the UCLA Environment and Sustainability Certificate program. With a mutual background in design and a deep passion for conscious and healthy living, we combined our superwoman powers and started our journey to establish TULZ. 

Our main goal is to build a brand that inspires people to embrace a sustainable lifestyle and to erase the “use-and-toss” mentality that our culture has grown into. 

We are here to provide a solution to help eradicate “single use” products; making the appeal of sustainability cool and convenient. Our products are safe for the planet, affordable, conveniently sized, and packed in beautiful cases.

We thrive by making conscious decisions to replace the “throw-away” mentality to a “re-use” one.

We believe that we can inspire people to live sustainably by developing a trend that is affected by a culture of living a zero waste lifestyle. 

TULZ cutlery sets are handmade and ethically sourced; delivered to us and to you without the use of plastic packaging.